Climate Chess represents a great opportunity to tackle climate change, but it requires a lot of information. The Climate Web is structured to help Team Urgency in playing better Climate Chess.


This page of the Climate Chess Climate Site introduces you a bit more to the Climate Web itself, and lets you jump in and explore some of the relevant spots in the Climate Web. For starters, it’s worth emphasizing that the Climate Web uses a commercially available and proven knowledge management software, TheBrain.


The Climate Web is one of the largest “Brains” out there, as you can see through this brief overview of Climate Web statistics.


The Climate Web’s learning curve is short, but it can be a bit intimidating at first glance. Through the links below you can jump to a variety of places in the Climate Web you might find interest, and that give you a better feel for it.


We’ve previously mentioned Team No-Urgency chess pieces and moves. Jump there now.


Jump to this report here: 2018 Gerrard_Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in the United States

Or to the full collection of its Team Urgency chess pieces:


Jump to the collection of Project Drawdown chess pieces: Project Drawdown 80 + 20 Mitigation Options


Or this dashboard comparing the mitigation potential of Natural Climate Solutions based on three different reports: Comparing NCS Mitigation Potentials


Or this Dashboard helping you come up to speed on Wicked Problems: 101 Climate Change as a Wicked Problem

Or another Dashboard on the topic of Individual Action:


Or this collectin of the best videos we’ve collected on behavior change: V - Behavior Change


Or this Dashboard on how the wine industry will be impacted by climate change: 202 Wine and Climate Change

These screenshots and links represent a very small slice of the total Climate Web.

To dig deeper into how the Climate Web is built, visit:

To dig deeper into how you can take best advantage of the Climate Web, visit